Episode Twenty-Four: the Fault in Our…

Stars. And rainbows. And moonlight on a baby deer. And dew on softly scented flowers. The figure that stood in the middle of the marsh brought all these things to Ryan’s mind, though,… Continue reading

Episode Twenty-Three: Too Many Antagonists Spoil the Plot

No wind. Not even a slight breeze. The creaks and groans of the ornate galleon rang out like gunshots in the still air. The crew, hopeless, lolled about the deck. Death was inevitable.… Continue reading

Episode Twenty-Two: Would You Like Some Cheese With That Danish Raid?

Long fingers, elegant fingers… Fingers that would be beautiful but for the signs of labor–short stained nails and calloused palms. These fingers nervously chafed each other as their owner stared sullenly at the… Continue reading

Episode Twenty-One: Fire and Water

Ingrede blinked the fog out of her eyes and winced. I am not in the maid’s quarters.  She slowly scanned the vaulted oaken ceiling, rich tapestries, and lofty bed she lay in. This… Continue reading

Episode Twenty: Vespers (Guest Author Kyle Shearer)

“…well… that was exciting.” Ryan dropped to the floor, trying to catch his breath. He hadn’t run like that in his entire life. Chandler stood on the other side of the room, chest… Continue reading

Episode Nineteen: Mass (Guest Author Kyle Shearer)

Anticipation is a killer. Gormlaith paced across the earthen floor of her throne room, though it was not a room in the traditional sense. The trees of the forest cleared in a large… Continue reading

Episode Eighteen: Little Chan

Chandler dropped to his knees and flung his arms with spread fingers, “She fell from the sky!How!? Please Jesus, TAKE ME HOME!” Alana peered at Chandler, then turned to face the rest of the… Continue reading

Episode Seventeen: Alana Dale

“This elk skin is soooooooo heavy. Is it time to stop for lunch yet?” Chandler stopped for a second to readjust the bulky pelt on his shoulders. Williamena continued a steady but brisk… Continue reading

Episode Sixteen: Allies

Ryan wasn’t sure what he was expecting Nottingham to be like. The people in movies–well, the people in medieval-esque movies he had seen… which pretty much just included A Knight’s Tale–always managed to… Continue reading

Episode Fifteen: Birds of a Feather

The day was dreary and gray by the time Mylecent’s bay mare reached the forest skirting the Western part of Nottingham. Her heavy woolen cloak was drawn up around her face–protecting her from… Continue reading